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We save our clients 30% – 50% on their cellular service through a custom designed program. We work with all National and Regional carriers including Verizon, AT&T, and Sprint. No carrier, No contract, No equipment change.

Our partners have top industry experts which is mixed with our proprietary software to determine and negotiate best practices from published and individually filed rates.

TEGUS will work with your in-house team and TEMS to identify cost savings. In order to do this we will need:
  • Copy of contracts
  • Copy of the latest bills
  • Two-three weeks for analysis

Q & A

Q: How do you achieve savings of 30% - 50%?
A: We achieve this through a combination of:
1. Our partner's experts and industry relationships
2. Our proprietary software that greatly enhances our chances of creating custom plans
3. Maintaining the best rates through real-time, ongoing, and dynamic data pooling management
Q: What carriers do you work with?
A: All national and regional carries including Verizon, AT&T, and Sprint
Q: What changes do we have to make?
A: NONE! You can keep the current carrier, contract and equipment
Q: Are you TEM?
A: We are not TEM which would reconcile bills and make payments. We are a procurement and plan management resource. our services are complementary.
Q: How are you paid?
A: We are paid on a percentage of savings as they are realized. Our initial assessment and pricing report if provided at no cost or obligation to you.
Q: What information do you need for the initial assessment and pricing?
A: All we need is:
1. Copy of your current contract(s)
2. Copy of your latest bill
3. Two weeks to do our process
Q: If I like what I see what is the next step?
A: We make it easy. All we need is a contract and last three years of carrier performance and errors. We will complete audit usage patters, volume, and services and then develop a program and applicable rates while solidifying pricing and contract terms. We will then present the first program for approval
Q: What other services do you provide going forward?
A: We conduct ongoing monitory of carriers' compliance with all container terms and provide ongoing dynamic data pooling management

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