What We Do

We have partners that that help our clients obtain savings in the utility space. TEGUS will help your business with:

  • Save clients 20% or more on Electric and Gas
  • Saved clients 13% or more on Gas
  • Volume leveraging (8.5 billion KWs & 7.8 dekatherms)
  • Proprietary software that IDs best market prices and additional data to negotiate price down further
  • Eliminate the middleman
  • Eliminate any deposits currently being held by your provider
  • conduct audit to recapture fees paid due to errors
  • provide expert support and forward-looking tools to maintain optimism pricing

Q & A

Q: I've heard claims or big savings from others every month. What makes you any different?
A: Our national response partner buys over 8 billion KW's and 7.8 million dekatherms per year. Our industry experts and proprietary software provides us with critical data to identify best market prices ad additional data to negotiate a lower price. We are the large participant with out resource and can be leveraged. We do direct, desk to desk trading to eliminate the middle man expense.
Q: What if we use a GPO?
A: We work with GPO's with ease. We know you will appreciate the value of volume buying. Since our volume is huge, our leverage is better. We do not have GPO overhead and will run lean. We will continue to conduct ongoing buys and ground tools for ongoing management.
Q: What changes would it mean to my current energy service?
A: Your current service provider remains in play. Your source provider changes and you will recoup any deposits being held by your current provider. Deposits are not required by TEGUS.
Q: What is we already have an energy consultant?
A: Not to worry. We are not consultant nor do we charge a consulting fee. We are procurement specialist which work on an initial and on-going basis. We are paid only a percentage of the NEW money created by the savings.
Q: What time is used during this process?
A: We know that time is a valuable commodity. That is why we have a very low ask with a big return. We will provide you with an assessment and pricing based on your current method of buyer energy in three weeks if you provide us with a copy of your current contract and latest bill.
Q: What are the next steps if we like what we hear?
A: We make it easy. All we need is a contract and last three years of billing. We will complete audit usage patters and services and then develop a program and applicable rates while solidifying pricing and contract terms. We will then present options for L.T. quarters or block purchases
Q: What services do you provide going forward?
A: Ongoing monitoring to ensure carrier compliance, contract performance and validate savings. We will also conduct procurement of all ongoing purchases during the life of your contract.

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